I'm writing in one daily. This morning my wife and I were co-mapping out some ideas for growing my newsletter here on Substack (Box Cutter). Coming out of the Ship 30 for 30 course, the recommendation from Cole (1/3 of Category Pirates) and Dickie Bush suggested a Category I could hone in on. I'm a huge fan of the Category Pirates and been working for a bit on clarifying a Category I can own and language. ;)

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🔥 Great stuff Diego. Love this bit:

• Write down your ideas wherever you take notes.

• At the end of the week, go back to your notes and connect them to one or more pieces of writing.

I'm a big proponent of keeping a Learning Journal doing exactly these. And, yes 25 pgs is a great goal. Keep the creative engine fueled. Looking forward to diving into the free book I just received. You're speaking my language. :)

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I love this phrase: "if you don't fill up your pattern recognition system with novel ideas regularly, your brain won't have the ammunition it needs to shoot leading thoughts into your writing."

Just today, someone reminded me that I said: no one can give something they don't have.

So true, we have to stack up ideas to create new forms of writing.

Thank you.

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